• Willingly allowing a stranger to jab tiny needles into your skin, is at first a rather daunting prospect, but despite never having prior experience with acupuncture, Teresa immediately put me at ease with her innate sensitivity and knowledge of holistic wellness. The session was not only painless but incredibly informative. Her grounded and kind presence made it easy to ask questions, and she explained everything in such a way that I was able to fully relax and let this ancient practice work its magic. I came in a skeptic, and many treatments later, it's safe to say she has helped my digestion immensely and thus rendered me a convert to her particular knack for healing.
    — Vanessa, Actor
  • Teresa is a natural healer that has, without a doubt, improved my quality of life. She has been an important part in healing my chronic back pain and sporting injuries while simultaneously bringing balance to my emotional and mental health.  Her holistic approach has also helped me work through depression and exhaustion due to a compromised Adrenal System caused by a high stress work environment. She is a beautiful soul that gives so much to her patients and I never fail to leave my appointments feeling like my body and mind are working as they were meant to.
    — Megan, Digital Arts
  • I met Teresa several years ago and have been a patient ever since.  I originally worked with Teresa to deal with a bad back and limited flexibility.  She came up with several solutions and I haven’t had any issues since. Teresa stands out in that does she not only come up with a solution, but also teaches the patient on how to deal with the issues in the future.  I now have a much better understanding of my body, it’s capabilities/limitations and how to prevent issues in the future.  If you are looking for a hands-on individual clearly very passionate about her industry, then I’d highly recommend Teresa.
    — Dave
  • I’m so happy I saw Teresa during my pregnancy! I began seeing Teresa to prepare for my labour, and I feel certain her efforts made my pregnancy calmer and more comfortable and my labour as smooth and easy as anyone could ever hope for. I had my son safely and peacefully without any medical interventions. I credit her excellent work as a major contributing factor. Teresa is an incredibly knowledgeable healer. I always felt I was in gentle, intelligent hands that knew how to help my body progress. I will always be very grateful to her for helping me have the kind of pregnancy and labour I was able to have. 
    — Claire

Teresa Nieman B.Sc, TCM.P, R.Ac


I pursued a career in Chinese medicine following a lifetime of playing sports and receiving treatments from many different modalities. As a varsity athlete at the University of Victoria, where I received my undergrad in Bio-Psych, I developed the intricate and powerful connection between wellness and elite performance. Through Oriental medicine I learned how to help the body heal, by treating it as a whole and getting to the root cause of the physical symptoms. Through manual osteopathic techniques I have learned how to assess misalignments and malpositioning in the musculoskeletal system. This allows me to diagnose and treat the body in it's entirety.

As an Acupuncturist and a manual therapist in downtown Vancouver for over 10 years I have treated many professional athletes including: the Canadian Women’s soccer team, the Vancouver Canucks, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the BC Lions. I also worked with the 2014 Grey Cup winning team, the Calgary Stampeders and with the band U2 when they come through town on their tours.

In addition to soft tissue treatments, I am passionate in treating a wide variety of conditions including: allergies, stress, digestion, addiction, sleep disturbances, depression, gynaecological/menopausal issues, anti-aging facial work, and hormonal imbalances.